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The Cryptonomicon (named with apologies to Neil Stephenson) is a cryptographic dictionary: a compendium of basic, rigorously defined cryptographic concepts. I created it for my own benefit during the course of a cryptography class taught by Daniel Wichs, and provide it here for the benefit of other students who, like myself, have a hard time keeping their definitions straight.

Bolex Stroboscope

A stroboscope disc for calibrating the framerate of Bolex H16 cameras. It has bands for 12, 16, and 24fps, and is meant to be used with the 8:1 drive shaft under 60hz light. If printed at 2 inches diameter, a small notch can be cut in the outermost band, and then it can be taped onto a rewind crank.

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The CIELCHab colorspace has the useful properties of being both perceptually uniform and manipulable in a natural way. The Chroma and Luminance channels correspond approximately to what we think of as Saturation and Lightness. Perception is a standalone tool for working in CIELCHab, which also includes a gamut mapping function, an interpolator, and a color vision deficiency simulator.

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A collection of miscellaneous code snippets for solving simple, self-contained problems.

Sunray/Repronar Film Holder Adapter
3D ModelSTL

A 3D-printable adapter that allows the use of Skier Sunray film holders with a Honeywell Universal Repronar slide copier. Model is dimensioned in centimeters.